Siempo Postmortem: A Humane Tech Startup

Whew. I finally got around to writing a postmortem in two parts: one looking at the past, and another to the future. There’s much more I could say. At one point I felt like I had a book’s worth of material in me in sharing the Siempo story and offering a playbook for aspiring humane technologists. A series of essays will do for now :slight_smile:

PART I: Siempo Postmortem: A Humane Tech Startup
How to encapsulate the depth and complexity of a startup journey in a few words? As pioneers in the digital wellness movement, we managed to stay in the game for five years, through multiple pivots and leadership teams and hype cycles. We’re proud of what we accomplished as an organization: developing an award-winning, highly rated and reputable, innovative and impactful solution to a severe and complex problem. Siempo is recognized for having true heart and vision. Check out some of our learnings and memories in Part I:

PART II: Vision for Next Siempo
We believe Siempo is an inevitability. Humans will design a smartphone experience that is less distracting and more intentional. What might the next attempt look like? I share a parting vision for technology that supports life, and what it might take for a team to get there in a good way: a dynamic interface, built with a culture of ethics, and spread through an “Interface as a Service” model.

The app is no longer available in the Play Store, though it lives on as an open source project called Focus Launcher ( Please get in contact with the team if you are interested in furthering this concept in the world!

If you have questions or comments about all things Siempo or tech ethics, feel free to reach out to andrewmurraydunn at gmail dot com.

May the digital wellness community learn from its experiences to set up the next generation of leaders for greater success.
May those dedicated to bringing healthier technology into the world be supported in finding inspiration, each other, and resources to do this work.
May those with access to power to accelerate change find the courage to take the social and financial risks they are being invited to.
May those struggling with all forms of addiction receive the support and healing they need.

Special thank you to those in this community who have supported our journey <3