Siempo is up for adoption. Help us find a new home πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

Siempo is in pause mode. At this point in our journey, we are interested in partnering with others who can take this work even further, whether that looks like bringing on a new leadership team or combining forces with an organization with greater resources. Our primary goals for Siempo are to continue to serve the existing user base, evolve and expand the product suite, and reach more users who are seeking digital wellness support. We are open to different routes of getting there. Any ideas?

Please consider if there is anybody in your network that might be interested in taking our technology to the next level. Message if you can introduce us to any:

  • Seasoned entrepreneurs looking to sink their teeth into the next project
  • Executives or M&A teams at tech companies in wellness, telecom, social or blockchain that can leverage our innovations (e.g. Apple, Google, Samsung, T-Mobile, Mozilla, Brave)
  • Family offices and foundations interested in leaving a legacy in mental health, consumer technology, self-sovereignty (e.g. Gates Foundation)
  • Angel investors with the capital and motivation to revive the company and bring on a new leadership team
  • Android developers who can help improve the product in the meantime, which will position ourselves for greater success with whichever direction we choose
  • Other creative ways of resourcing further development

Whoever comes in to build on top of our foundation will be pleased to know how much love and care has gone into all that we do. We’ve done the hard work. Siempo is teed up for greatness and infinite potentiality with the right leadership.


Really enjoying Shift by Siempo but at a loss for what you want here or are asking for?

Venture Capital is so easy to get now hahaha, I don’t think anyone here has any money but I mean there are bots that the angel’s use that you can pitch to a bot and it pitches thousands of investors for you.

As far as development ideas I have a few so I don’t know how the finance end works but none of this sounds hard to find.

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Glad you are enjoying Shift!

tldr we are looking for a new CEO to come in or to be acquired.

Venture Capital may be easy and desirable for certain types of businesses. There is a long and nuances answer for why it is challenging and not most desirable.


Hi Andrew,

Good to hear that you’re so dedicated. I would say a change of trajectory is in order, a pivot, as sticking to the course will lead to the same. What people really need are not just apps that offer visual cues or encouragement, but humane replacements for core services and apps themselves. Siempo has done such great work already, that it seems that it has what it takes to get this done.


Dude that is a problem. I don’t have any experience hiring an honest competent ceo who is trustworthy enough to believe them when they say they have a plan for return on investment and will stay to see it through. It might be cheaper to slap the hat on someone you already have who you know has worked there and wants what you want and train them, pay for cert or degree through the business until they officially fit the title well enough but just grabbing a ceo out of a hat doesn’t seem good.

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