Looking for UX Designers available immediately in SF to help Humane Tech

The Center for Humane Technology is looking for UX designers in the San Francisco area to help create a “Humane Design” patterns library. See Tristan Harris’ (@tristanh) tweet below:

Respond below, or on Twitter if you are interested.

I have spread this message on our social media channels and my own LI account. Please help boost the message by sharing, liking and commenting:

Or share this forum link in your own channels.

Thank you!

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I know I’m soooo late to this party. Any chance I can still help with this?

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Maybe not too late, David. But in that case it is best to send your inquiry to the CHT team via their contact form on this page: https://humanetech.com/get-involved/
Alternatively you could also respond to Tristan’s tweet, but I don’t know how closely he monitors replies over there.