Examples of Humane online designs?


I enjoy the ideas and principle of Humane design. However, I am not exactly sure of what it would be like. I am interested in starting a thread where many examples can be posted.
What I am specifically hoping to find is websites which are fully humanely designed or examples of humane features on otherwise non-humane websites.


I co-founded reallyread.it - hella humane :wink:


We have WebSonar Libraries now available. No tracking or likes and can be set to private access by the library owner. Here is an example of one setup for Mark Zuckerberg with lots of articles decrying corporate surveillance.
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Siempo has prototyped some new design patterns in our Android launcher.

p.s. we recently went open source, to collaborate with professionals who are passionate about this movement, on prototyping more examples of humane technology. We’re also building web, and iOS. Fill out this form if interested!


When I put together my blog mindful.technology I put some thought into this as I designed the theme. Basic principles were no ads, no distractions, and focus on content. I wrote a post about the decisions I made: Website design and UX elements for mindful.technology. I wasn’t really aware of “Humane” terminology at the time I wrote the post but I’m sure I was writing about the same thing!