UX Design Diploma: a Good Way to Start a Career in Humane Tech?

I am in the middle of a fairly drastic career change and am looking to build my career in the Humane Tech field as a UX researcher. I am fascinated by what “makes people tic” and have a knack for getting people to open up and really pinpoint what is and isn’t working for them… to the point where I’ve always thought I could be then next Guy Raz or maybe just a decent shrink. I feel like these skills would be an asset in this industry and in combination with my background in Anthropology, education, and health advocacy–I might even bring a fresh perspective to the table. Currently I am looking at the UX Design program offered through OpenClassrooms.com (an Open Ed platform out of France). The course is a “master’s level certificate” which would be recognized as a master’s degree in Europe. It is affordable and apparently an effective, project-based learning tool. My question for this forum is simply: would a certificate in UX Design help me get my foot in the door with the Humane Tech industry?

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