Industrial partner sought for UK research council funded PhD on digital tech for community self-governance

I’m a UCL lecturer (UK/London) who is working with Jeremy Watson, professor and outgoing president of the UK insitute for engineering and technology, and director of a multi-university and government-backed programme on privacy in IoT (Petras). We have an amazing PhD candidate currently working for blockchain startup Provenance who has a scholarship from the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences research council. THe one condition of the scholarship is that she needs to get a business partner on board to sponsor a small part of the costs (£40k in total) - for which the partner gets access to the PhD candidate as a free intern/consultant, the UCL network and a chance to direct elements of the research, with a view to getting some socially beneficial soft/middle/hardware out to communities around the world. If you want to hear more please contact me!
BTW - great initiative the Center.


I presume that is all based in London? A great opportunity but we are in Scotland so not practical.

No not london based at all - the project could look at cases anywhere globally and partners can be based pretty much anywhere - certainly being in Scotland isnt a problem. If you are still interested email me on