Wanted: (preferably) Dutch speaker for live event about taking back control from technology

Hi there! I am working on a live event in Amsterdam on how we can take back control from technology. I am looking for a guest speaker with a history in building technology that has now changed his/her mind about how the digital infrastructures are built. Someone that now (in hindsight) believes that Attention as currency = not good.

Budgets in de cultural sector unfortunately aren’t big enough to fly someone over. Do you know about people living in the Netherlands that could fit this profile?

Thank you so much in advance!
Best, Shula

Hi @Shula,

Great that you are reaching out on this via the community!

I have a likely candidate for you, who you can approach: @martijn.catz the organizer of Humane Tech Amsterdam meetup group, and very active in humane technology fields. Please PM me or him for more info.

(PS. PM means ‘private message’, click on the user avatar to get to the ‘Message’ button)