NYC Workshop Event: Cultivating Presence In The Smartphone Age

Hey friends. I’m hosting the next free workshop in my series that’s designed to pivot people from the victim mindset to the protagonist mindset when it comes to taking control of the tech in your life. I’d love to have some folks from this community join and raise the dialogue at this interactive session.

When: Monday, January 28, 7-9pm
Where: The Assemblage NoMad, 114 East 25th St, New York, NY 10010
What: Free Workshop: Cultivating Presence in the Smartphone Age with Giancarlo Pitocco

Our relationship to technology feels out of balance, this workshop will help you fix that. Join me for a workshop that creates awareness of the influence technology has on you, explore practical methods for that will transform your relationship with your devices, and open you up to living life to your fullest potential. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to cultivate a more balanced relationship with the tech in your life.

RSVP here using passcode PRESENCE

All are welcome, so please share this invitation if it charms you and join the event page for updates.

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Hi @gcp, glad to see this event happening. I’ll actually be hosting a similar event the very next day in Portland, OR. I’d love to share agendas, if you’re willing, to get a sense of how others are coming at this topic in an interactive & engaging way, as I hope to.

Addictive By Design: How Our Phones Hijacked Our Lives and What To Do About It

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Hello @psharbaugh – likewise, so happy to see this message going out to other communities! Thank you for doing this. I’d love to compare notes.

The workshop is an interactive narrative that brings folks along (in their own way) through the same journey I went through when I woke up to this issue, took control, and transformed my life for the better. Having been someone who had previously thought that I had totally control/awareness of how tech was used in my life, I was shocked to realize how much it was distracting me from my full potential. We spend no time demonizing tech in this workshop - the media is doing that job just fine - this workshop is about giving people the strategies to cultivate awareness of their unconscious habits around forms of distractive tech, identify their true intentions/desires, and apply techniques and tools that will allow them to live in control of the tech, in a healthy relationship with it that supports their best life.

The event is going to filmed, so I’ll share that after its complete.

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@gcp I just Tweeted about your event (but for some reason Twitter did not use the Open Graph data for the preview). Will also give Addictive by Design a retweet, @psharbaugh :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you so much @aschrijver! :pray:

Uhhhh… What?! Are you suggesting that the media is unfairly demonizing tech? That coverage has been biased?

Also: Are you planning to tell attendees that you work at Facebook?? I’m shocked. You have done a very good job of hiding that information. This is extremely alarming to me.

What is your qualification to call yourself a “leader in the humane technology movement” ?

I apologize in advance if this sounds harsh (I actually just deleted a bunch of curse words and anger) but I assume that you can understand my frustration here.


Hi Bill–

We all have a role to play in leading the advancement of this cause. I invite you to come to one of my workshops or lectures sometime. You’ll see that I fully and authentically represent who I am, what I do, and what my mission is - just as you’ll see on all my mainstream public profiles. Nothing is hidden. You would also see that I’m here to help people take action for themselves, to live their most authentic, fulfilling life in an the age of distraction. It does us no good if folks only adopt the victim mindset that most of the public discourse focuses on. I want to inspire leadership in the hearts of everyone I engage with, so that we’re collectively taking action and lending our unique abilities, perspectives, and gifts to the cause.

With respect.

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Hey friends. Just following up here. On Jan 28th, I hosted a gathering of 60 thoughtful humans for the next installment of my workshop series “Cultivating Presence in the Age of Distraction”. We discussed ideas to reframe our relationship to distractive technology in ways that could put it in service of our highest purpose, healthy living, and creative genius. I was blown away by the willingness of everyone in attendance to examine their unconscious habits, and take the first steps towards making positive change for themselves. The most beautiful thing is that these small changes can add up to meaningful transformation in a very short period of time. And these positive changes get noticed by the people around us, so we become teachers - exemplars of this better way of being – for everyone around us. Feeling so inspired following the thoughtful evening we had together, and the change that follows. :pray::sparkles: If anyone finds themselves in the nyc area later this month, my next workshop will be hosted at the Humane Tech NYC meetup on Feb 27th at Betaworks on Little West 12th Street. More info at

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