Creative hack in London - Attention and Tech

Hi everyone,

I’m James, the co-founder of a creative collective called Glimpse. We’re a home for creative pros who want to use their skills on positive social and environmental projects. You might remember that someone once replaced a Tube station with cat posters - that was us.

We’re running an event series in london on attention and technology - with a focus on finding moments of deep focus and connection in urban areas. We’re working with a social enterprise called Bounce Works who help young people improve their mental health through tech.

Here’s the invite to our event.

We’d love to see some of the CHT community there. The (free) tickets are going fast, but if you miss out there’s a waitlist and we’ll try to include as many as humanely possible (!).

Thanks all,



Sounds really interesting. Sadly, I don’t think I can make any of the sessions (partly busy schedule, partly getting into London takes about 3 hours for me). Anyway to stay involved remotely?

Absolutely Jon. If you sign up to our mailing list we will send you the creative brief and regular updates. Lots of people take part remotely.

At the end, we put all the ideas on our website and invite people to help us make them happen - so your work would definitely get an airing.


I’m really looking forward to participating at this event. Is anyone else going? :slight_smile: I’ll be speaking on practical ways of managing our attention and helping tech work better for us. Would love to see some of you there!

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing this @jamesturn. Excited to hear how it went.

FYI I am moving this to the “Community Commons” “Meetups” category, as this is an in-person event for people to meet up at. :smiley: