30 Days of Mindful Tech

I recently launched a program called 30 Days of Mindful Tech. It’s a free calendar to educate people on digital wellness and tech ethics! Please check it out:


interesting @sidnya I’m looking forward to read the whole 30 days program of mindful tech.

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Great @sidnya, I will use some of that with my students.

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This is such a cool idea! Will you be doing this for additional months in the future as well? I’m teaching an online course about Tech + Democracy, and I’m including a few weeks with wellness material – but they aren’t until March. If you continue the process then, I’d love to include it. If not, I’ll still take a deeper look and maybe at least suggest a few of your blog posts. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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A very nice resource you have created, Siddhi, congratulations!

Nice @sidnya! Inspiring people, one step at a time. I’m reading with pleasure & shared it too :slight_smile:

One concern though: not everyone will use Instagram for a daily reminder, especially not here :sweat_smile:

What about setting up a 1-month mail subscription to get the tips in people’s mailboxes? Or alternatively, creating a daily recurring public Google Calendar event “Read Daily Mindful Tech TIp” and sharing that link?

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@thorgalle I totally get that. I tried to create a newsletter, but the service I am using to host my website would use subscriber emails as advertising leads, which I found very sketchy. (Ideally, I would use a different host but I am college student with $0 haha). Thank you for the idea! I will try that!


I have some ideas in the works for the future! We shall see where they land and I will let you know!