Last call! 2 FREE sports left for Digital Wellness Design Retreat this Weekend in Santa Cruz!

Hi all. Made a post last week and was delighted to have 2 Humane Tech Community members join our co-created weekend experience. We are all ready to go this friday and wanted to extend the invite to 2 more Humane Tech members. Please email me asap at if you’re interested in joining! Details below!

Hi everyone. My company America Offline and I are going to be hosting a Design-Thinking Challenge Retreat at Little Basin Campground in Santa Cruz, California on November 8-10th.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in unplugging for a weekend out in nature, making some incredible connections and experiencing some very engaging design thinking work.

The experience is a unique co-created event with a very loose agenda (by design), where we will use design-thinking methodologies to prototype and test digital wellness experiences. The objective is to uncover innovative offline experiences and experiential learning activities which fundamentally shift how people perceive and interact with their devices. We plan to utilize the ideas generated at future digital wellness overnight retreats for teens and adults.

I have space for 3-4 passionate members of the humane tech community who are interested in helping co-create a magical experience in nature. These 3-4 humane tech community members will be combined with a small group of teen leaders, digital wellness thought leaders, high level experience designers and holistic youth coaches. We are capping the event at 16 people. We are covering the costs of lodging in cabins and all food - you just need to get yourself there!

Please email me ASAP at if you have any interests in joining the event!