London/Manchester/Bristol - talks on neuroscience of digital distractions

I have a few talks scheduled for the next months, the first one this coming Monday in London. Come over if you are in London!

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Hey Anastasia,

Just wondering if any of these talks might be streamed or recorded? Very interested in the topic but unfortunately not based nearby. Loved your TEDx talk, especially regarding notifications (my research topic!).

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Hey sorry just saw this, I am not a frequent guest as you can guess. :slight_smile: No they are not, but happy to discuss if that’s feasible if you can help me come to your city :slight_smile:

Will you be doing any talks in Birmingham?

Hi all! The next talks are:
London 14th August (almost sold out, if you want to come, get your last tickets fast)
Cambridge, UK 16th August (tickets here)
Leeds, UK 8 October (tickets here)
No plans for Birmingham just yet, but if anyone is willing to help co-organize the event there or in any other UK city, I’d love to chat!

Hey Jon, not at the moment, but will be doing awebinar on the 11th August

Just heads up I’m doing thefirst webinar on the subject on the 11th August, join me if you can!