Joint research with Anglia Ruskin University

Dear community,

My company, Consciously Digital, has won a grant for a joint large-scale research project together with Anglia Ruskin University about the impact of our digital habits on various aspects of our lives and overall life satisfaction.

Our goal is to help individuals move toward more focused and meaningful lives by balancing their online and offline presence.

I would be very grateful if you could give us 7 minutes of your precious time to complete this survey. We will be sharing the outcomes with everyone.

It is anonymous and you could win one of the two Amazon vouchers 50 euros each or one of 50 copies of my bestselling book Homo Distractus (and you do help science and potentially thousands of people to have healthier relationship with tech).

Thank you!
Here’s the link again: CD Digital Wellbeing Survey 2022


Thank you so much for the Information .