ICF-certified digital wellbeing program

Dear community,
If you are looking to make digital wellbeing part of your career, I wanted to give you heads up that Consciously Digital Coach Training program received the accreditation by International Coach Federation (ICF). It means that as of January 2020 we are the only program in the world that is officially recognized by the most influential coaching body.

The program combines neuroscience, design, psychology and coaching insights to prepare specialists to help organizations, schools and families be more mindful about how they use or design apps and devices.

The new intake is from February 2020, and there’s a waitlist in case of last minute drop outs.

A separate call for potential collaborators - if you think this program will be useful in your organization, please say hi, let’s discuss!

TBH, I’m ethically bothered by how much digital wellness is being transformed into a profit center by Consciously Digital. Replacing one form of profit-seeking exploitation with another doesn’t seem like the healthiest approach.

If Facebook is the new cigarette, as Salesforce’s Marc Benioff has famously said, it’s as if Consciously Digital is trying to become the new Juul.

Hey @greg, sorry you feel bothered by our posts. What makes you think though that serving a good cause should not be making money? What is wrong in your opinion with providing a service that helps people and making a living out of it?

IMO, helping people and earning money from it is not exploitation as long as the relationship is honest, fair, and beneficial to both parts involved. It’s the closet thing to a win-win situation we have in our current, imperfect socioeconomic system.

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Solid explainer video on your website! :film_projector:

Let me know if you wish to collaborate. The company that my friend and I are building, Readup, would probably be very relevant to your audience and customer base!

Keep it up!

Bill Loundy
CEO, Co-founder, Readup

Wow. Interesting (powerful) comment.

I actually had a similar initial response. But then, after thinking about it, I realized (after watching the explainer) that this problem is so huge, so vast, that we must all work together, and we must embrace different perspectives.

I have been a yoga teacher and meditation instructor for many years. I also started a technology platform that enabled yoga teachers to create and promote classes in their living rooms.

Ultimately, I found the yoga “industry” to be profoundly bureacratic, and I especially didn’t like the consumerism and the “certification.”

@Anded - As your business evolves, I wonder if you might take a slightly different approach to marketing your capabilities. Namely, focus on the things you know, and how you teach people. The certification isn’t the value you offer. It’s the knowledge. :pencil2:The wisdom. :crystal_ball:

To clarify, I guess I’d just say that my mindset shifted from centralized to decentralized. Granted authority to earned authority.

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@loundy interesting perspective, tell me more about ‘marketing knowledge’. What I was seeing so far is that people want paper, not knowledge (although we try to provide first and foremost knowledge first). And let’s chat about collaboration, best if we could do it by email or Linkedin? I’ll pm my details

Hi folks, heads up we have opened applications for the 5th intake of Consciously Digital Coach Training program that will start in September 2020.
It’s the only digital wellbeing training in the world that is officially recognised and certified by International Coach Federation.
While we primarily focus on coaching skills because we don’t think just talking about the subject can change the culture (been doing it for 5 years now) :)), our students come from a variety of professional backgrounds - UX, product design, software developers, psychologists, yoga instructors, teachers.
Have a look, perhaps it’s something relevant for you!

Just a reminder that applications for the program close tonight midnight (1st August, night from Saturday to Sunday). Details: www.consciously-digital.com/coaches