partial scholarship for one female working in tech

Dear all,
My company, Consciously Digital, offers a 50% scholarship for its certification courses in digital wellbeing. Certification program is approved by two major coaching associations, ICF and NBHWC.

Digital wellbeing focuses on how we use our digital devices, and how to obtain a better tech life balance (avoid Zoom fatigue, be able to focus in spite of digital distractions, improve sleep etc)

The scholarship will be offered to one female participants who works in technology (or studies tech) and wants to make a difference to how technology is designed to support better digital habits. You can be a developer, UX designer, or tech ethicist, or a psychologist by training.

The digital wellbeing certification course is focused NOT on tech design, but rather on our psychology and identity, and its impact on how we form digital habits, so you can take this knowledge later to your work.

The next course ( is on Saturday the 17th September 4-9pm UK time. We’ll go through how our digital habits are formed, how to initiate sustainable change (and not just lifehacks), neurohormones of happiness and their effect on our decisions etc. The course is highly practical and interactive, and no coaching experience needed to participate.

If you are interested, please fill in the application form here Apply for a scholarship at Digital wellbeing coaching fundamentals 17th September 2022 - and if you know someone who should apply, please tag them in this post!

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Nice! I forwarded your open position to the Fediverse: