Passionate about ethical tech? I'm looking for writers for a community project

Hi, I hope this is allowed here (please let me know if not), I am starting a collaborative project with a small team to promote ethical technology (, and we are looking for writers who can help educate people with guides and opinions on ethical tech. Please let me know if you’re interested - thanks!!!

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Hi @karl!

Looks interesting!

Is it a paid or volunteering position?

Welcome to the community!

I am interested! Please contact me my email is I am a business information systems major.

@karl, on your website you mention “Federated Public Instances Coming Soon”

Could you tell a bit more about this?

If you are targeting the Fediverse, then I might be able to help. I co-maintain the ActivityPub watchlist and set up the Activitypub developer watchlist, and am also moderator on Feneas forum and SocialHub. On the fediverse I am at