Social media channels of the Humane Tech Community

This topic lists the social media channels we will use in campaigning for the community itself (i.e. as part of the Aware Prepare dogfooding campaign). Through these channels our @Campaigners will create messages to the broader public.

Do you want to be a Campaigner too? Here’s more information:

Call for Action: Join the Humane Tech Awareness program - From Awareness to Cultural Awakening!

We would be delighted if you joined our awareness program :smiley:

Note: The topic is locked for discussion, but our Community Team will add updates if there are changes and additions to our public channels.

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Humane Tech Community on Twitter

Below you’ll find the Twitter account for the community. It should still be branded appropriately. I’ll create a separate group topic for thinking about the Community brand.


  • A common hashtag to use on Twitter will be #HumaneTechNow
  • A Twitter list has been created called Humane Tech Now
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Humane Tech Community group on LinkedIn

Below you’ll find the LinkedIn group created for the community. Here we can repost articles, news and announcements. The group is mainly an attractor of new community member activists.


Humane Tech Community on Mastodon

Below you’ll find the Mastodon account for the community. Mastodon is a decentralized alternative to Twitter. The account is creatd on the server.



As of August 24, 2020 I will continue this account under my personal name. I’ve spent a lot of time on this channel, and it is the one that I value most. The Fediverse - where Mastodon is part of - is imho where the future of social media lies.
There will not be many changes to how I operate this account, except that I will be more free in sharing personal anecdotes and things like that, instead of being in a more formal organization role.

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Humane Tech Community on Imgur

Below you’ll find the account for the community. Imgur is a good place for sharing images and memes.


Humane Tech Community on Github

You already know this, but for the sake of completeness, below you’ll find our Github organization account.


Humane Tech Community organization on LinkedIn

To avoid the account being hijacked by someone not affiliated to our community, I have created an organization account as well.


Humane Tech Community on Instagram

Below you’ll find the Instagram account for the community.


Humane Tech Community on Hacker News

Below you’ll find the Hacker News account for the community. Hacker News is the social network of the Silicon Valley startup incubator. It is maintained by volunteers, and has high-quality tech-related discussions for an expert audience.

Hacker News:

Social media channels the Community won’t have

  • A Facebook account, as these can only be bound to real individual
  • A Facebook Page, as we have The Center for Humane Technology page already
  • A Medium account, as we’ll create our own blog space
    • People publishing here can cross-post on their own blogging channels

Humane Tech Community on YouTube

Below you’ll find the YouTube channel for the community. A gazillion settings, but not a clear one to set the channel icon found yet.


@aschrijver. Awesome job!!! Thank you so very much for your dedication!! This is a big step, exposure on social platforms… get ready people this is a fertile seed.


Humane Tech Community on PixelFed

PixelFed is a brand new federated (decentralized) alternative to Instagram, Flickr, that is based on the ActivityPub protocol. It runs in the so-called Fediverse just like Mastodon (Twitter alternative) and can interopate with it.


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Humane Tech Community on

I created a community on with a room called HumaneTechNow.


Time to ditch Twitter?

I don’t use our twitter account that often, and dislike the platform in general. With Twitter going cryptocurrencies and NFT directions it may be time to close the account. Undecided, but posting this here as reminder for later…

I started a Humane Tech community on Reddit a few months ago:
It wasn’t created under the Humane Tech Community “brand”, but I’d be happy to share the moderation role with others from this community.