Humane Tech: MSc Dissertation/Project needed!

I am an Human-Computer Interaction student and I will do a 3-month research project that has to be somehow related to Design and Tech. I would like to either do relevant research or to Design/prototype a solution that essentially tackles current issues of today’s technology that takes no account for human wellness. Since I am fairly new to this, do you have any suggestions for possible topics of research or solutions I can possibly design?

They can be potentially related to:

  1. Privacy
  2. User attention
  3. Any other topic related to user wellness


  1. I need to be able to apply a UX/Human-Computer Interaction perspective
  2. I need to come up with deliverables

Thanks for your help, hopefully I will be able to contribute :slight_smile:


Maybe do something relation to the use of technology in schools? How it effects learning… Maybe try and create something humane that teachers can use to engage students.

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Yes, that would be nice @sidnya. Something in the edtech sector. Maybe it can even be combined with the Education Program that we will create for this community. This will eventually be very large and aims to educate the broader public about Harms of Technology and their solutions in Humane Technology best-practices.

How big this will be you can read in my LinkedIn article “Small is Huge” that I created yesterday:

And this is where Humane Tech comes into the picture and the Humane Tech Community initiative - that I have become part of - really kicks off. We should see Humane Technology as a new area of expertise, a complete subject area that is a field of study in its own right. As I see it, in the future, you should be able to go to university to do a CS/BS combinational study of ‘Humane Technology’ and get your PhD in that. Eventually there will be many Humane Technology experts, consultants, professors and other authorities in the field.

@bd7 may I suggest that you peruse the topics posted on our forum (use the categories and search to drill down more efficiently) and collect the things that most interest you, and give some more detail on that here.
Our forum constitutes an archive of subject matter waiting to be processed.

During the course of your Dissertation we can continue to support you, and if you combine your work with community efforts then we can set up crowdsourced community-project(s) e.g. on github where other contributors also help you forward. You can use this forum as your help center, but in that case may can also have access to publish on our community website (will be overhauled according to new mission + vision).

Note that as part of our community principle of participation being ‘fun and rewarding’ we will initiate a Rewards Program soon, just for members, to go structural on that. You should not be afraid to define your own rewards, like career ambitions, so we can anticipate and help you with them.

Rewards can be anything that appeals to members, and the list of rewards will continue to evolve. Anyone can brainstorm ideas for additional rewards. I will create some placeholder topics so we can already make a start to define this program.

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I am working on developing a Digital Wellness program for young students. It is very, very (very) much still in the works, but if you would like someone to bounce ideas off of for that sort of topic you could PM me. I was also still in secondary school when the new wave of tech-ed integration began so I may be able to provide some insight IF that is the topic you choose to pursue.