Looking to do interviews with humane tech enthusiasts/experts!

Hello! I’m currently a senior-year student at the California College of the Arts working on my thesis. My main thesis question revolves around whether or not there is such a thing as positive online interactions – and if there are, how we can recreate them. Would love to speak to anyone who’s interested in sharing their ideas or experiences wrt to this topic!

Also available via email: natkasman@cca.edu


Hey @natkasman! Welcome to the Humane Tech forums! I just emailed ya :wink:

Hi Natkasman !.

 For my part it will be a pleasure to share these interesting aspects with you. For more than 20 years I have researched information technology and its social and economic impact. Shared activity as a university professor, and engineer at Telefónica de España.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

P.S .:
Curso MIT

Hello, Natkasman, I’m a senior teacher/principal in Italy. Welcome to HTC! I’m sending you an email!