Looking to interview someone knowledgeable in humane tech for my uni project

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a ‘leadership quest’ (for uni) where I get to choose a global issue and try my best to make it better. I’ve decided to focus on educating young people (late primary school and early high school) about some of the harmful aspects of the tech we use every day, as well as starting conversations with school teachers and parents.

At the moment I’m looking for someone who would be willing to give up a short amount of their time for a Skype interview. This would help me to gain more knowledge in this area from someone who is more experienced and has progressed further in their career. Whether you have first-hand experience working in the tech industry or are a researcher, psychologist, or otherwise, I would be totally honored to find out your personal anecdotes and thoughts on humane tech.

Thanks for your time <3

P.S. I will also write a blog post on the interview for my assessment

Hi Emily!

What a fantastic topic to choose to focus on!

Let me know if I could help out with your research- I am a psychologist and parenting coach and I could provide you with some insights into healthy child/teen development and how excessive tech-usage can disrupt that.

Have a great day!

Hi Teodora!

Thank you so much, that would be absolutely fantastic. I would really appreciate any insights your expertise could provide.

Would emailing be a good avenue for this discussion, or did you have a different method in mind?

With Gratitude,

I would be willing to fill out a questionnaire about health issues but I cannot do an interview somehow…