Do you know any kids in years 4-8 who could complete a survey? (~ 9-13 years old)

Hi everyone. I’m doing some research on kid’s tech usage. If you know any people in this age group or could pass this on to someone who does I would be very thankful!

Also if you have any experience or knowledge in the area of tech mindfulness or children and technology please contact me as I’d love to interview someone via email or skype and get more info about this topic :))

Hi Emily! It is great to see you conducting a research on kid’s tech usage. We need more of that, and it is a very fitting CHT subject :slight_smile:

However, I am sorry, I have to jump in and point out something about privacy…

I have seen this claim a number of times on this forum, and it is not correct. So I have created a separate topic to point this out in what IMHO should be a best-practice: Researchers should use privacy-respecting survey tools!

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Thanks for that post about privacy .
In terms of survey -I am able to discuss and can point you towards others dedicated to reducing tech harms on children.

Thank you very much for alerting me to this! This fact completely slipped my mind. I’ve been unable to find a better survey hosting website unfortunately, but I’ll edit my post so that its not misleading.

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Hi Mari, thank you for your offer. I would love to make some connections with others interested in this area!