Master Thesis Research Survey: "Examining user’s experiences when using Tor browser"

Dear, I would like to know if I could post my user survey over here.

I am doing my master thesis research on Examining user’s experiences when using Tor browser.
The survey would allow me to collect country data of respondents who report saying they faced inconveniences/issues like broken functionality when using Tor browser.

Best Regards,

Akshaya Kumar Viswanathan

Welcome to HTC, Akshaya. Sure you could, though I don’t think you’ll find a lot of respondents here (not a lot of Tor users).

As tips I would say you’d have to give a proper introduction to this very privacy-sensitive audience before they start the poll, and Researchers should use privacy-respecting survey tools!

Yes. I checked that topic only after that I got this idea. I will try my luck after creating the survey using a privacy friendly survey tool.

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Think you may find respondents on the Fediverse, but you need to build followers/following first then (unless your announcement is compelling enough for it to be boosted/retweeted a lot).

Another strategy might be to write an interesting, good quality article as an intro to the survey, and post it to HN.