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Hello there,

I’m new on this forum but I wanted to introduce myself and the way I’m working on a project that could turn onto the next Internet.

My name is Samuel, I’m a French student. Currently, I’m working on a very exciting project about privacy and data protection.

As our data is now under the control of the web giants, we want to reverse the trend and give back to the users, their personal data. Tho, we want to develop a solution where the users can store, process and chose who has access to their information. After that, we want to provide the users with a strong digital death right because we actually think this so important.
We want the users to be the only owners of their data, this way the Web services you want to use or subscribe will need to ask your data every time they need it. This way you will be able to see which data is used, by who, when and why.

Please let me know what do you think about the idea!

Kindest regards,



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Hi @Sammy, welcome to the forum.

Good idea, but let me give you a tweak–maybe it’ll help you to refocus your project.

Instead of offering data ownership, how about developing something that protects you from companies collecting data that shouldn’t be collected in the first place?

I get the idea of data ownership, but I think that it misses the point. I just don’t wanna own certain kinds of data, nor do I want companies having access to it.

I believe if you’re able to focus on that, you’ll be in good shape.


Hi @borja, thanks for your reply!

I will consider your opinion about this topic! The way you tell me is interesting but not as user-friendly as I want. I really want to provide something that allows you to choose the data you want to share or not. If we provide something that only protects you, that means we will choose this for you. Then you will need to trust our capacity to determine when data should be collected or not.

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Sammy this is awesome.

Maybe this interests you along those lines:

Welcome to the community, @Sammy and @Marko! I’d like to crosslink to this other thread where an interesting project about data ownership and decentralisation is involved: Facebook Alternative, Looking for Collaborators.