Privacy and consent, and GDPR - Join or Help the MIT Consent Hack Day

MIT is hosting a “Consent Hack Day” for people to work on tools and services that help people ensure their apps ask consent before using their personal data. Something similar could be imagined for using one’s attention, in various ways.

Thoughts? Suggestions for what such devs might focus on can be filed as issues for the event:

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This is a great initiative @metasj! And also a nice chance for CHT to chime in, join the fun :slight_smile:

I have suggested some ideas already at their Github repository:

The first one is especially interesting: We could rally our community and find people to be on standby to offer background support to the hackers at the hackathon, e.g. to do some research and offer advise. We have all kinds of disciplines represented amongst our great members, and it is a perfect way to offer engagement on this forum as well as awareness at the hackathon on the purpose and mission of the CHT.

Maybe at the time we can offer them some of our apparel, that we designed in the CHT Artwork & Apparel Contest :slight_smile: