Interviewing Parents With Teens - The Tech Issue

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The ongoing support within this section of the CHT community is amazing. I wanted to reach out to you all. I am looking to interview parents of teens for a project I am doing for The Low Tech Trek. I am primarily interested in:

  1. What are parents’ biggest concerns about technology related to their teens?

  2. How has technology impacted your teen’s social behavior?

  3. How has technology impacted your relationship with your teen?

  4. How has technology impacted how your teen interacts with others?

  5. What parenting methods have you implemented that have proven effective? Ineffective?

If you are interested in sharing your experience with a dedicated listener, please do not hesitate in emailing me at or sending me a message through this network. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi Pat-

Thanks for your dedication!

I don’t know if any teens- BUT I’ve run into a group of people recently that is definitely affected and the tech use started in teens- 20 somethings.

I want to be really sensitive to this group, 20 something’s (mainly early), because I believe they are suffering (not all) from missing the socialization without technology. In medicine we study things after they happen when we see trends. You might expand your study to include what happens years after teens use technology- just a thought.

I have more to say but have to go-

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Hi, Pat

I’m actually a teenager myself (15 years old) and I find it incredibly fascinating to think about the ways that technology and social media have shaped my generation’s social interactions and relationships. I can give it a shot to answer some of these questions and share a little bit of my experiences.

I would have to say for question 1 - my parents are quite concerned about technology related to teens, and a majority of it is by seeing how long we are on our devices and how dependent we are. They also are really worried that being on technology all the time makes us a lot more disconnected from everyone, and it makes us less willing to listen and be patient. I’ve noticed a lot of these concerns because I see it in my younger brother, who is 12 years old and constantly playing video games.

2 - Technology has impacted our social behavior as teens hugely, especially because we’ve grown up with this and it seems like such a fundamental part of life! Most of my peers have been on social media since middle school, and it’s such a big change in the way people socialize. A lot of the conversations and bonding moments happen over text and facetime, and I’ve seen this happen with some of my friends. We’re very reliant on group chats and different groups online to keep us connected to things. There’s are huge dynamics at play on social media, constantly, that make up a big part of social life as a teenager. Each different app (snapchat, instagram, twitter, imessage, etc.) has a different connotation and purpose for different things, even multiple things. People are a lot more open and honest on their private, seperate accounts, like finstas and private snapchat stories. People are probably more honest on those posts than they are even in real life, and it’s kind of strange to sees both sides of that. I feel like in my experiences people don’t really connect that deeply, and it’s so common to be hanging out and having people on their phones at the same time. People bond over looking at their phones and sharing things they’ve found on their social media and laughing about things like that. It’s not like we as teens don’t notice these influences too. In my friend groups, we tend to have our phones away most of the time when we’re hanging out, and we talk about this and we do notice a lot how creepy it is sometimes to see everyone staring away on their own devices. There’s honestly so much more I could say about this but I’m going to stop myself there.

A little bit on question 3 - I feel like with my parents, our relationship exists fundamentally outside of technology and we have a strong bond. It feels weird sometimes to be texting and on social media with my parents. I probably spend less time just being there with them, because I’m probably in my room on my laptop or my phone more often, but the relationships are still strong and we do make the effort to put our phones away and just spend time together.

Question 4 I mostly touched on earlier, and question 5 I don’t really have an idea about because I’m not a parent.

I hope these answers were of any interest to your project, and feel free to ask any other questions you may have!


Thanks for your comment! You are absolutely right; I think the problem definitely extends past the teen years, going into twenty-somethings. Even many adults suffer from being attached to their devices, though likely to a lesser degree. I’m interested in hearing more from you!

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Great to see you here in this community!! It’s great that you are thinking about these things and how it is affecting the social behavior of our society.

Do you believe most teens think about/are concerned with how they use technology? What do you believe teens are looking for? Fame? Recognition? Is using social media a way to fit in and, as you mentioned, a way to not miss out?

Looking forward to hearing more!

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Thank you for sharing!! Nice to hear your answers and learn more about teens and technology. Encourage your peers to join and answer too!


There was a nice BBC article on this yesterday:

An interesting read… From the article:

What if children told you exactly how your WhatsApping, Instagramming, emailing and news-reading makes them feel?

“I hate my mum’s phone and I wish she never had one,” is what one primary school child wrote in a class assignment.


A survey carried out in the US in 2017 reported that half of parents surveyed found that using technology disrupted interactions with their child three or more times a day, a phenomenon named “technoference”.


This is an amazing article. It’s important to always have our eyes open. I think parents are at the ready to accuse their teenagers of excessive cell phone use, and many don’t realize that they, too, are often just as hooked. I will likely cover this article in a post on The Low Tech Trek. Thanks for sending this my way!

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Yes, I think in future we could maybe do something with this concept in an awareness program, given the impact that this has on parents. Your kids condemning you could a great eye-openener :slight_smile:


I think most teens are concerned with their use of technology, and it comes up in conversation pretty often, actually. I feel like we think about it and talk about it pretty often, I’m not sure how to quantify it though. It really depends on who you’re talking to, but it’s such a big part of life for teens, I feel like everyone thinks about it.

I don’t think we use social media for the fame or recognition, for the most part, but mainly to build a reputation for ourselves, connect with our friends and be involved in all the socialization that comes with it. There’s definitely a feeling of missing out if you’re not on social media, because it seems like everyone is using it.

I also think that a lot of teens don’t have as many real interactions in person, and they look for that social interaction and a chance to meet new people and create a different identity. Teens also go on social media a lot for the humour, through memes and trends and keeping up with celebrities and internet personalities. It’s a pretty varied thing.


Thanks for your reply. I’m curious as to how engrained social media is in the framework of what it means to be a teenager in 2018. Your comment gets me thinking a lot. Thanks for the insight!


I’d be happy to chat as a parent of a teen but also a co-founder of

I have two others very involved with their teens as well as mindhood.

Hi Susan,

I just sent you an email. Looking forward to connecting!

All the best,