Deep Learning Project Related to Humanetech

Hi all,

I’m taking a graduate level deep learning course at a reputable school and have the opportunity to do a quarter long project with a team of up to three people. Do you guys have any good ideas about my project could be about? I want to do something that benefits society and also is related to mindfulness / emotional intelligence, and maybe pair programming as well.

After the project is done, might even present it at conferences!

Also should add that in my background is 10 years in software development, 14 years in meditation / yoga / martial arts, involved in some governmental social good things, studying Zen now.
Good news is that for my group project I can probably get help from pretty skilled people, from my classmates or from companies in the area.

Hi Amil!
I’m Anton from Moscow, Russia.

Since May 2018 I had worked on some different projects (as a founder and CEO), which are close to HumaneTech main idea (to help people make the Internet useful, clear and personalized). But my problem is that I’m not an expert in software development at all. That’s why it is good for me to communicate with IT-specialists, who are ready to create a useful projects for people.

In January I’m going to do customer development in some Europian countries just to test some ideas and get a feedback from European customers. Maybe in February the task about deep learning software development will be actual.

You can read some facts about my projects in this interview:

That is an old interview (Jan 2019). My actual project and business ideas differ from the strategy of that period.

Please contact me via facebook (/antonkalyuskiy) or Gmail (

Maybe we will do something interesting together.