Help corporations to switch to a more ethical paradigm

Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone here knows about consultants or agencies whose purpose is to help coporations to move to a more humane design of tech and ethical management.
I would love to discuss with people involved in that field as I believe it is an important part of the path to changing the dominant model.

Thanks for your feedback!


There is a company called Virtue that does exactly that. They are an ethics consulting company ( for tech and other stuff too) started by Ethicist and Psychologist Reid Blackman


Thank you @sidnya. It looks very interesting and I will check it further!

I’d also like to point to the company Fair Work:

Virtue, Fairwork and undoubtedly many other companies are involved in Humane Tech areas that are emerging fields. They are pioneers in a way, and show that there is business opportunity both for consultancy companies as the businesses adopting Humane Technology.

We have seen a lot of discussion in the past on collecting best-practices and to offer ways to certify that these practices are followed by a company. We have a project idea that goes along these lines that I’d like to cross-reference: Humane Technology Certification project

If there is enough member interest we can facilitate this project and move it further.


I’m currently working on developing a methodology to help founders/leadership shape organizational culture called COR for Culture and Organizational Resolve.. Happy to learn more about your work to explore synergies.