Seeking Collaborators for new Product Designed to Liberate Employees and Make Corporations Human Again

Hi all!

We seek collaboration with others deeply passionate about designing digital experiences that amplify human “flourising” and success (both collective and individual) in a corporate context. Our focus is the corporate context with emphasis on the collective intersection of emotional, social, structure, habits, mindset, creative product design skills and lastly, culture. Please ping me if you find the rest of this post intriguing and might want to help!

We are facilitators who take legacy / traditional companies on a journey of reinvention… The catalyst is nearly always the realization that the culture, structure, rewards systems and “controls” employed by these firms prevents authentic engagement and digital experiences that customers will love. Our work is focused on the deep dysfunctions of the organization itself and how these intersect with the ability to empathically serve customers in a more human and delightful way.

We are now bootstrapping an ambitious digital platform to bring a variety of digital experiences focused on different organizational challenges… The experience we’re now exploring is the deeply personal journey of “employee transformation”… for a company to transform, it’s employees must also transform… we see this as connecting the dots between personal growth and success and the influence this has on the broader social and structural fabric of a larger organization.

Please note: we are NOT HR folks… we are digital innovation and org guru’s working at the intersection of product design, organizational design and business success. We believe serving customers is the “fuel” for helping companies and employees commit to transforming into better versions of themselves. For us Employee Engagement is not about making employees “feel better”, but enabling them to more creatively, and successfully serve others! It is this ambition that is fueling our current product development effort.

Hi @disrupter,
could you tell us a bit more of your product, so that your post could give some added value to the community (apart from the members interested in collaborating with you)?

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Yes, I concur with @micheleminno. Your post sounds very interesting and on-topic, but you have written your job-posting as a teaser. We are interested in furthering the field of Humane Technology, and only allow job postings if they detail how they are relevant in that regard :slight_smile:

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