Why I'm dedicated to practicing "humane business"

Hi! I just published a blog post on Why I’m dedicated to practicing humane business., as a follow up to Why I’m committed to creating humane technology. and a precursor to one on “humane organizations.”

As an entrepreneur creating humane technology, I believe I need to practice humane business and develop a humane organization to align with our product and mission. Fortunately, things are happening to support these intentions.

I’d love your feedback, as well as claps and shares if it resonates :slight_smile:


Thanks for publishing this and sharing it here – I like your blog posts. This particular post contains a lot of good, comprehensive information about the fight to make technology more humane. I hadn’t even heard of half the organizations you mentioned!

With that being said, I have two constructive critiques. First, I think it would be a good idea to state why it is important to build humane tech. You did a great job outlining this in your “Why I’m committed to creating humane technology” post. Perhaps you could summarize what you wrote there in one-to-two paragraphs at the beginning of this article. A lot of readers (including me) will read your new post before seeing your earlier article, so I’d advise you to reference it and include a link.

Second, there is a typo: “privelaged” should be “privileged.”

Keep writing these articles. I’m enjoying them and learning a lot!


Thanks you!! I’ve been keeping a close ear to the ground for aligned organizations - glad you appreciated them.

Point well taken - I wanted to avoid focusing on Siempo but I can see how the context would be helpful. Will consider :slight_smile:

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