I'm trying to build a new humane business platform

Hi! I’m trying to build a more humane business platform and am now thinking should we try to have a discussion forum there. What are the elements of humane discussion forums?

Thank you for your ideas. :slight_smile: My platform is www.prono.fi and are on beta.


Hi Helene,

It’s great to see other experienced tech entrepreneurs here. Prõnö is oh so ambitious, and oh so inspiring, and glad to see you’re considering humane principles. I love it, but at the same time I ask, “what’s it for?”

So you’ll have a niche, and that’s so important to it all. Doers and changemakers? People will ask, is that me, maybe it’s not for me? Maybe your niche could be to improve the world, as that’s more direct. Then more people will say, yes that’s me, but you may still get similar kind people but more of them. Maybe your niche will change, for example we have ever more remotes and people who work from home and that also fits your model very well, so Prönö could be the ethical and fresh Linkedin. You don’t want your niche to be too small. Prönö is the kind of thing that could hopefully be quite broad and diverse.

Building a platform is very hard. But building a community may be easier and there are more established tools and off the shelf software too like this forum software. Putting too much focus on the platform software and it’s hard to also focus on the community or to change and improve. You’ll need publishing and forum features I think and you can’t just build those.

I don’t mean to sound know-it-all, just thinking of ideas though I also assume you’ve thought about all these things 100 times already, I’m just throwing these out there as I like unconventional and world-improving thinking.

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