Creating a Lobbying Group for Ethical Technology

After talking with some tech ethics people, I have discovered there are very few lobbying organizations for ethical technology. Does anyone want to help me create one (I understand it is more than simply “creating” a lobbying group :joy:)


I think this is a vital next step, and would be happy to be involved if I can help. I think, if you’re in the US, you’er talking about forming a 501c4 nonprofit, the type that is permitted to lobby. I have some experience in this area and would be happy to talk with you and others who might want to pursue this idea.


Awesome! I have been thinking aboit this for a long time and wanted to gather some input before proceeding

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What’s the procedure for creating such group, and what help would you need, or how do we go about it in general? Is there already a mission, vision, activities that are planned and such?

I’d love to learn more about it.

We could have a mini webinar conference/ if more people are interested and start developing a plan. I started this idea in another thread called Starting Political Pressure campaigns. I started off wanting to create a kind of discussion group called People Against Addictive Technology, but I felt like that was a bit limited. So maybe we start to lobby for ethics tech. We could instead call it the Digital Manipulation Defense maybe. Brainstorming…There is another group called Pivot that is trying to achieve a similar goal, but they do not seem to be very active!


Sounds wonderful. @sidnya, when you are done with your exams and have time for planning, please suggest dates for a Zoom call.


This is exciting! I will have so much more free time to work on this soon!


I think something like this is very much needed. I was considering pitching the idea of a Digital Health Advisor to our school district’s central office. There is no one in the schools steering this ship!

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@lisajeane I agree. I was having a near mental breakdown with the amount of screen time I was having (see this post I need a break from the Internet but I cant get one).
I need to put together a steady team before we continue though.

Hi Siddhi,

I’d love to collaborate with you and anyone else willing to pursue our mission.
You’re definitely on the right track, but we need a lot more than a lobby to reverse the downgrading of humans currently happening around the world.

Check my story here.