Hiring Questions


I am looking for help on some hiring questions around ethical use and design of products and data. I am a product manager at my tech company in the political/advocacy space we are growing out product team and I would like to make sure to include this during my time with interviewees. Are there great interview questions that anyone would be willing to share around their thoughts and/or previous implementation or thoughts around ethical design in their past product management experience I could ask. Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you!

Anna H.

Hi @ahomen!

Welcome to the community!

My suggestions for questions:

  1. What humane tech means to you?
  2. What design principles would you use to create a more ethical product?
  3. Can you give me an example of how you would redesign our product, focusing on the ethical use of technology?

Also, you may find these resources useful.

I wish you the best!



Thank you so much! I will look into these this week.