The Digital Product Ethics Canvas

Hello everyone,

firstly, congratulations on moving this issue forward, it’s fantastic to see so many people have come together to make a positive difference.

Inspired by your work, I have developed a tool for Product Designers to design more humane products, you can read about it and access the tool here:

I would be very thankful for any useful criticism on the tool :slight_smile:

A bit of context: I develop free to use design tools for sustainable innovation. By sustainable I mean taking care of people, planet, profit, or following a triple-bottom-line approach. You can read about my work here:

Regards from Berlin,



Hi Robert. Welcome to our community!

I took a quick first glance to the website, and also to the Sustainable Business Model Canvas. Truly love :heart: the path you are taking here.

Would like to point you to another initiative that I am participating in:

The Flourishing Business Canvas

Your topics are entirely fitting for the Humane Tech Community and also we are planning to do a lot more in the field of Ethics in the near future.

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Hi Arnold,

Thank you! Very interesting, I will have a look at your canvas. Its great to see more than one initiative pushing the issue :slight_smile:

Yes, the Sustainable Business Model Canvas is the foundation for many of my tools, but the Canvas that I think is really relevant for this forum is probably the Digital Product Ethcis Canvas.

For this tool in particular I am looking for comments and suggestions :slight_smile:

Have a great day,


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Note: I am not affiliated to Flourishing Business, just joined as a First Explorer in their program.

The Digital Product Ethics Canvas looks like an artifact that we can embrace, recommend and promote. I will also add it to our curated Awesome Humane Tech list and draw attention on social media.

If you want good feedback I advise you to post to hacker news and start your title with ‘Show HN:’. I can also post if you want… already have an account for ‘humanetech’.

@Robert, I would like to start giving some feedback on your website.

The page with the Ethics canvas post contains 15 3rd-party trackers in it, and makes the insane amount of 242 (!!) server requests before it is fully loaded. But when just moving the mouse over the page, new requests continue to be fired on a continuous basis. The download compressed size of you posts payload is 9.66 mb and unpacked that is near 25 mb, which together with all the requests makes page loading slow and sluggish!

As far as I can see your entire website could consist of simple elegant plain HTML pages with a small sprinkle of javascript in them, and you would only need a couple of kilobytes in transfer. My advice: Get rid of Wix, and use a static site generator (maybe with CMS, like Netlify). You could also use e.g. Hugo.

If you want to go Humane on your visitors asses, then install your own Matomo instance (alternatively take a hosted account) and forego Google Analytics. You are not advertising, are you? All the other trackers are not needed.

PS. With the site as it is you might get negative comments when posting to Hacker News (unless posting direct PDF link) or tweeting to Mastodon.

Great tips, should maybe be included in the Humane Design section. Perhaps you can add a fourth box at the top with “Design Best Practices” or something like that?

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Thank you, Will. Yes, you are right. But we are on the eve a larger reorganization of the forum. Following up on the discussion about Mission (the pinned topic) we came to new insights. I will post more info about this tomorrow.

Great, excited to see that. I’ll head over to the topic now…

Hi Arnold,

Thank you very much for this feedback. You are right, I am using Wix and the site loads slowly. I started to optimise it a bit based on your feedback, and hope to get it a bit faster this way. I will look at Hugo as an alternative too, but this will take some time.

In the meantime, I would be glad if you would promote the tool so I can get more feedback. I am happy to promote the PDF only too (as all my tools are free to use anyway), which might help some of the hackers forgive my lack of hacking skills and me using Wix :wink:


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Hi Will,

Thank you for the hint! Thats a good idea, I will include this in an updated version of the instructions to the canvas :slight_smile:


I think you have the wrong Open Graph data on your page:

Tag Content
og:title Threebility | Post
og:description We develop and promote tools and ressources for sustainable product- and business model innovation, and write about Startups implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about and download the Impact Canvas, Sustainable Business Model Canvas, Digital Product Ethics Canvas and the Sustainability SWOT Analysis.
og:type website
og:site_name Threebility | Ressources for Sustainable Innovation
fb:admins Robert.Gerlach

The image and description are the general ones for the entire site. You can check with

Hi Arnold,

Hmm, this is strange, as a Facebook or Linkedin Share results in the correct info being displayed, but clearly the Opengraph info is the generic one. I am starting to see why I need a Wix alternative.

An alternative would be to share this page instead, where the open graph info is correct and the pdf can be accessed directly: