Dumb phones for kids

I’m the Founder/CEO of a startup called Privo Mobile. We’re building a dumb phone designed for kids with a modern user experience and interface. Other companies try to collect as much data about you as possible and want you to spend more time on your phone. We’re designing a phone to do the opposite.

We launched today on Kickstarter. Hope you check it out, and let us know any ideas you have for how we can make our tech even more humane.

Good news that you guys launched on kickstarter. I’m going to spread the word hoping that you’ll hit the target ASAP.

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Nice project. I posted to our LinkedIn group too. Did you create a submission on Hacker News yet, like this phone project that just featured? Also indiehackers.com may be a good place.

PS. On linkedin there appeared no SEO link preview and such. Dunno why.


Did you remove it again? It is shown as [dead].

A title of “A dumb phone for modern times, designed for kids” may be a better title, though it is always the question if it makes it to the frontpage.

Strange, that one is also dead now. Maybe you could make it a “Show HN: [title]”, since it is your project.

Edit: Maybe it is because of the word Dumb in the title in combination with you having a new account.

Thanks @aschrijver. Here’s an updated link to our Hacker News submission (3rd time is the charm). You can also find us on indiehackers.