[GIFTS] Why we should build a relevant Digital Wellbeing GIFT list for the Holiday season.

Hi everyone,

It’s Holiday season and while a lot of people are already planning to get crazy and get the best tech gadgets / toys deals; I feel it would be more mindful to build together a Digital Wellbeing Gift Guide for parents, companies and people in general to look for an alternative. What do you think? Would you like to collaborate? I’ve started putting together some in a Medium article.

Leave a comment with the gift idea and link, pls.

What makes a good Digital Wellness gift?

  • It helps improve our relationship with tech
  • It helps is reduce our screen time
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be digital-free but I prefer if they are.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks @JuanBagby for sharing your guide. We at FirstWeekFlipPhone are proud to promote your products.

Dropped you a suitably bland comment for the platform. Wanted to dive a little deeper here, with some thoughts on the products.
3). Interesting to see Mudita as a competitor to The Light Phone 2. Have you tried both?
6). I bought FelixGray.com. Are Barner different? I’ve read that the Blue Light blocking is bogus for all of them. Any thoughts?
8). Props for making your mini alarm clock silent. That feature aside, Peakeep are selling a smaller one for $13.

Hi Laurence.

I like the feature e-ink for the screen on Mudita.
I think Barner have a greater design and a more compelling brand story.
I show the Peakeep, their clocks are good but size is not something relevant for us at the moment. That might also reduce the cost for sure.

Drop me a note if you want to resume conversations about our collab.

Also Peakeep is made of plastic, our it’s made of solid wood.