The 2018 Digital Wellbeing Advent Calendar

Hi everyone!

Like yourselves, I’m concerned about the direction society is headed with how we make and utilise technology.

With the help of the Time Well Spent movement I’ve been working on a set of strategies to help improve my own digital wellbeing. I’d love to share these strategies with everyone.

So I’ve setup The 2018 Digital Wellbeing Advent Calendar to give people ideas and practices when using the web, social media and smartphones.

Starting yesterday and up to Xmas, a daily positive strategy will be published about how we can live better with the web, social media and smartphones. There will be tips and tricks ranging from ‘Stop binging on Netflix’ and ‘Taking control of Facebook’ to ‘Improving your sleep hygiene’ and ‘Mindfully staying up-to-date with the news’.

Here is the calendar…

I hope some of you will find these digital lifestyle strategies useful over the next few weeks.

Additionally, I really hope this wakes a few people up to where we’re headed and how they can help themselves.


Very nice! Very on-topic to humane tech, and will certainly raise awareness. I just retweeted and posted to Mastodon too (here).

Note that you can’t really see what has already been unlocked, unless hovering over them with the mouse (even though it is date-bound, but the numbers are in arbitrary sequence).

I don’t know what you intend to do with the information after Christmas, but please consider that this fits well for an attributed re-posting on our community website once that is ready (e.g. first as separate blog posts and then for the long-term in respective categories).

Thanks for the retweets/posts. Unsure about next steps after. Still creating all the content and gathering the contributors.

@fraser you could come up all sorts of calendars fir different times of the year- like lent or a healthy post holiday fast- suggesting tech strategies/apps that help people with screentime.

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The Calendar is on Product Hunt today, if anyone likes it please upvote.

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Nice! I was about to upvote the calendar, but unfortunately bumped into a serious Humane Tech issue with ProductHunt, that I just tweeted about:


A hall of shame is a great idea. Would be added pressure on product makers to avoid falling into bad traps.

I’m using GA on the calendar, I don’t know of something with a more humane company. Any suggestions?

I think ProductHunt needs to have those permissions in order to offer features to people like you who promote their product. And probably to offer upvoters a more limited permission set they have to some special things in their authorization code (uses OAuth).

I have posted a submission of the tweet to Hacker News to ask for opinions (Asking too many OAuth permissions: Dark pattern, complexity, or sloppiness?), but there are still a number of upvotes missing to boost it to the frontpage, I am afraid.

I do not know that General Availability (GA) exactly entails, and the options also depend on how you want to use the data. If it is to attract attention to your company, then a Creative Commons with Attribution license may also be used. In this way you retain the copyright, and others can republish on the condition they make reference to the original source. You can find details here:

Oh sorry, with GA I meant Google Analytics. I’d hope there be another, more conscientious, analytics provider.

Ah :slight_smile:

In that case, there sure is such alternative: check

It is also on my list of OSS awesome-humane-tech.

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