Please, your opinion :slight_smile:
It’s still in early stages, app is coming soon with advice on how to transcend to a no-smartphone life.

I’m also looking for other ways to sell it and market it. Maybe it can be sold as a ‘digital detox device’ ?

I love this idea! I actually do something very similar. But what would you say to someone who says, “I can just buy a mini notebook online.” What make you different? (For the members on the forum). Maybe write a guide on how to use it (like your app) and sell that…

A feedback about a bug in the website: this happens when you rotate horizontally the phone in order to see the entire pictures in the website:

Thanks! Yeah, I have many plans. The app will be your guide to spend less time on apps, haha. Also you can analogify your contacts etc… I’ll make it more clear, and post it here too :slight_smile:

What is your project about then?

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Thanks. Will take care of that :slight_smile:

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I have a project called Project reconnect that encourages you to do what you are. There is a post about it somewhere. I sketch in a sketch book instead of phone-ing, don’t have a product like you, and I would really use what u have going on.

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Man first thing I see is cigarette analogy, that’s perfect. People knew cigs were bad for decades before courts forced them to stop deliberately marketing to children. Cellphones and metadata hoarding and constant selling of data is a very similar cartel. (Legal cartel, telco, pharma, corn, oil, banking, prison, weapons industry, news media, lots of cartels). They should all be exposed the same way.

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So I have a book planner. It’s about five inches tall.

Then a sketch pad of good paper from thick stock no lines bound in spiral notebook. And pencils to draw in it but the round kind not number two octogon I hate those.

If I had a printer I would print maps and leave my phone at home more.

Best thing though to keep phone down and not lose function: point and shoot digital camera. There is no network hardware. Records to sd card with exif data for exposure and shutter speed and camera brand and model, but no geotag or really anything else other than timestamp.

Takes much better photos than my phone and video and has optical zoom :+1:

Made eight years ago so I would say older is better, maybe go to pawn shop, see if it turns on and lens isn’t scratched.


Hell yeah broodwich. I’m missing my camera a bit. I already try to print maps of my city and put them in my booki. But a camera is something you can’t put in a booki. So I’ll need a camera. Maybe sell it together, add it to the all-in-one smartphone replacement package :slight_smile:

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Brother maybe have a page printed about this idea? People have different wants in a camera, different size hands etc. I would sell my soul for a cheap one with good lens AND actual viewfinder for when lcd screen is too glared from the sun and I can’t see the shot.

Also I hate to say this but most cameras are easy to “whip it out” and start filming faster than cell phone heaven forbid in emergency idk hit and run or cop shooting someone etc.

I use the point and shoot with small nylon camera bag whole thing fits in my pocket and bag and cam both have wrist strap.

I dropped it on rocks the other day its fine.

The zoom is controlled by toggle switch, so much easier and intuitive for me. Compared to touch screen crab claw with one hand holding the phone in the other.

Taking photos becomes fun again without the tedium of touch screen use.

Also want to get a small compass. Doesn’t need battery you know?