A guide to 'Going Light' with the Light Phone


I recently collaborated with the Light Phone to write ‘A Zine About Going Light’ that I’d love to share with you. They published it on Medium and I’d love to get your feedback. We spent a decent amount of time writing it but always open to constructive criticism. Especially from this great group!

Link: https://medium.com/the-light-phone/a-zine-about-going-light-3128188f86ff

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. New York City is a weird place to be right now, I’ll tell you that much. In a city built on communal spaces, being confined to a tiny apartment has upended life. However, the concept of ‘going light’ has been very helpful, especially using Cal Newport’s ideas of constructive use of time. Structure, structure, structure!

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The Light Phone II looks promising as a product (the article is very well put together, by the way)! I’m looking forward to touching a live version of this in the future to see how it performs.

And choosing an E-ink screen is a “Hell, yes!” of a feature for this product. Well done!

Thank you! I’ve been using one since October (went back to iPhone during Pandemic for more functionality) and it’s been an amazing experience. I miss it dearly.

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Excellent write-up! While researching for bare-bones phones for my book on digital gadget addiction, I came across the Light Phone and Light Phone 2. As a researcher and a parent (now a parent on COVID-19 lockdown!), there is a dire need to maintain “structure” at home and such devices would help immensely. Do rely on iOS and Android products heavily and thankful for these technologies, but being easily distracted, the eye strain, long hours being sedentary and preferring to reach out for quick junk food are some pitfalls. I think it is a wonderful idea, especially for kids! Thanks for being the “Light” and showing the way.

Thanks for reading! Much appreciated. And if you have any more info on your book, please do share!



It’s on my blog Project Plain Talk

Best Wishes, Dan!

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Thanks for sharing. Same to you!!!