Candle by Atbay - An iPhone charger designed to make unplugging a daily ritual.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick shout out. We recently launched a Kickstarter for our digital wellness tool, Candle. Candle is designed to help you use your phone less at home. We would absolutely love any and all feedback or support about the idea! Hope everyone is having a great day!

John Clark Cochran


Hi John,

It is a nice product and the design of the candle and wooden plug is beautiful. Very apple-y

I have some questions and feedback:

  • Is plugging in your iPhone also bringing it into silent (airplane) mode, or is it just the experience of the light that makes me aware?

  • When you want to unplug, I usually grab the phone towards me and pull the plug, but this is hindered here by the (relatively heavy) candle that is on the cord. Is that intentional unwieldy, part of the experience?

  • I still have my smartphone in sight (still distracting), next to a candle that has 2 wires coming out of it on either side, which looks messy. I personally try to get rid of audio/video/gadget wires all my life.

I have a product idea for the 2nd product in your portfolio (You can donate my royalties to the humane tech community, if you bring this to production :wink:):

The Atbay Away

A different design with 2 lights next to each other, placed on a nice wooden base. The base is hollowed out below, where it touches the surface. It only has a single wire at the back.

When you want to charge your phone, you simply lay it on the surface and you place the Atbay Away over it. It’ll immediately start to wirelessly charge your phone. The phone itself is now completely out of sight, and the candles remain.

With a switch on the back of the base plate you can configure your candles to slowly vary from the default white/yellow to red light and back, when the phone rings.

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