New Instagram Admin

Hello all!
This is just a public announcement that i am no longer the administrator of the HTC Instagram Account. I am starting school again and don’t have time anymore, unfortunately. But I was able to get us from 0 to 205 followers while I was in charge of it, publishing content created by our community. Thank you all for your support!

@Saiyu will be taking over because she offered! Thank you for continuing to grow our reach so we can bring more people to the forum!



Thanks for your awesome work on the account, @Siddhi. May all good things come to you in the new school year.

Hey does CHT have an IG account?

Nope. But the founders have their own accounts.

My question would be why does HTC even need an Instagram account. It seems incongruent to me. The more important places would be Twitter and LinkedIn but Instagram? Bizarre. :see_no_evil:

Hi Siddhi. I do not have an Instagram account, but I want to say thank you for the wonderful work you done and with you all the very best in your studies, Carlos


Sure, Instagram is not humane tech, yet it is an effective place to reach millions who are affected by the adverse effects of social media. If someone scrolling their Instagram feed sees a thought-provoking post from CHT, this can increase awareness.

Reading this made me follow even though I’m not active on Instagram :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Like liberals who go on Fox News, you have to reach people outside the bubble. I have an IG account, but it’s too nauseating to actually go there.