Humanizing HTC Instagram Page

I wanted to bring a human element into the HTC instagram by sharing the stories of individuals in the forum. If you would like to participate in this, please add:

Name (can be first,full, or username or all, as long as you feel comfortable sharing)
An image of you (if you would like it to be shared, this is optional, but preferred)
How you came to learn about the HTC and how it has helped or impacted you.
The thing you find most harmful about technology
A positive change you want to see in technology
Any handles that you would like tagged

If you do not feel comfortable sharing this through this forum topic, feel free to PM me!


I would add also which is the thing that mostly bothers or harms you in current technology.


Ritwik Agarwal
I came to learn about this through my friends and I loved many projects started by the community as for example the app-engagement to mood relation survey etc.
Ease of Access,Privacy and most importantly non toxic and more humane

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Awesome! If you could double check that you met all the requirements I would be happy to get a post up!

Claudia Erickson
I found HTC through following Tristan Harris and the Center for Humane Tech. His work inspired me to leave my past job with the American Academy of Pediatrics in San Diego and start up the Unplugged Village. HTC provides me with inspiration to keep working at this and to find ways to reach people through education and offering unplugged options.
What I find most harmful about tech: Younger generations don’t even know what they are missing or how addicted to tech they may be. Their “normal” is a scary thing and I worry about young parents and kids who are not connecting and what that means for increasing mental health issues for our society.
A positive change I want to see in technology: more humane tech options and some regulation.
Any handles that you would like tagged: @Unpluggedvillage


Awesome! Will be going up on the page!

I’m one of the admins and moderators of HTC, and a software engineer. I currently teach Digital Citizenship in high school in Rome, Italy. I found CHT and then HTC while looking for good content and ideas for my lessons. My biggest fear is living in a world where attention, reflection and creativity are rare resources and isolation and distraction is the norm. My biggest expectation is to exchange more things at a deeper level with people, growing more collectively and less merely individually, also thanks to, and not despite, technology.


patm, moderator and member of community team

Discovered the forum through a Wired article on Mark Zuckerberg that mentioned Roger McNamee. I joined in March 2018, and in the time I’ve been part of HTC, I’ve learned a great deal about tech practices, both good and bad. I’ve also made friends here, and I think this is one of the nicest things about HTC: you have the opportunity to meet and communicate with people who care about the things you do.

I am not a tech person but am very interested in technology as an aspect of modern existence. I worry about the future of humankind and the planet and feel that technology is critical to determining whether our future is good and filled with possibility or tragic and filled with suffering. (In this picture, I’m showing a temporary tattoo: a bird wearing a helmet and suit of armor.)


All of these are so lovely and inspiring. I hope more people contribute!


Let’s invite the members who joined our sprint event on Saturday: @jaedaemon, @cameron_t_adams, @georgews.

Also, in case you want to use it, here is the card I made for the event.



Hello, my given name is Jonathan Pappas, but you can call me Jon in person (or “Jae” on the interwebs or out at Burning Man ;)… I am San Francisco-based and discovered HTC and Tristan’s work first through Salesforce where I worked in product management for the last 8 years.

The long and short… I am another victim of “always on” burnout and as part of my healing plan I am taking time off and having some fun with entrepreneurship. I’ve established a company called Mindful Enterprise that in short rethinks or rebuilds tech functions from a place of mindfulness. Initially I was going to focus on collaboration in general (a huge source of stress) and launched a Kickstarter for an overly ambitious re-invention of social networking called Betawave. I’ve since refocused on a smaller-in-scope, reasonably priced project to build and launch called … “a place to go to just breathe with friends.” I am a big fan of meditation and mindfulness and for fun I want to try an experimental, digital breathing circle. We have officially begun development and with fairly high confidence we will be launching on or around Aug 1, 2019. Given my financial situation, it is likely I will be looking for a full time job around Oct. 2019, unless some magic happens with and I am able to pursue more funding and development. In any event, I want to do whatever I can to contribute to this community, happy to be here and looking forward to the next digital meetup! Here are some answers to the questions above

The thing you find most harmful about technology > The fact that humanity is unknowingly yielding its agency to AI algorithms.

A positive change you want to see in technology > That technology becomes more “mindful”, that it is designed to increase joy, empathy and compassion at its core.

Any handles that you would like tagged > I am on Instagram @hexayurt , LinkedIn , Facebook. My personal website is


Awesome awesome! I cant wait to share these so people really understand what the HTC is all about!


Sure !
I meet all the requirements and would love to work.

@Aritwik, some of the above is missing for you. Once you submit everything to @sidnya, she can create an Instagram post on you.


@micheleminno Is it okay if I tag your instagram on your post?

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Yes, I think you need to write about the last two still. Also, submit a picture of something general that represents you (does not have to be your face) so I can add an image to the post.

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Yeah! We can use there as both!

These posts are gaining a lot of engagement (I know we do not really like this word). This is working I’m really hyped.