Humanizing HTC Instagram Page


I wanted to bring a human element into the HTC instagram by sharing the stories of individuals in the forum. If you would like to participate in this, please add:

Name (can be first,full, or username or all, as long as you feel comfortable sharing)
An image of you (if you would like it to be shared, this is optional, but preferred)
How you came to learn about the HTC and how it has helped or impacted you.
The thing you find most harmful about technology
A positive change you want to see in technology
Any handles that you would like tagged

If you do not feel comfortable sharing this through this forum topic, feel free to PM me!

How can we make this forum more interesting, lively and easy to join in? Any ideas are welcome.

I would add also which is the thing that mostly bothers or harms you in current technology.


Ritwik Agarwal
I came to learn about this trough my friends and I loved many projects started by the community as for example the app-engagement to mood relation survey etc.
Ease of Access,Privacy and most importantly non toxic and more humane