Design different applications and games that give people direct benifits

In my point of view, To replace addictive and unhealthy technology products( we should develop the alternative and instantly beneficial technology products .
In my point of view people will get pulled towards the products that we have created.

How can we so?
What will be the process?

i think we should create one space or group of creative and expert board members. That board group will be specially for selecting and verifying creative software ideas and technology product ideas shared by any group members.
And we should put effort on developing those products.
Fund should be provided to those product development.

This will be another world where people will dive to escape the problems created by the current technology.
please share your views on this. pardon me for any kind of mistakes in above sentences.


I’m doing this already!! If anybody wants to help me grow Readup, please get in touch.

Readup is an “instantly beneficial technology product.” It removes all the noise (likes, shares, etc.) and is designed to help you focus on one thing and one thing only: reading.

Check it out! Would love to hear from folks about that. I think @biswa is right - it’s not about fighting bad tech, it’s about creating better tech to create a brighter future.


Before you connect to the Internet, you have to hear a 56k modem sound (but not limit connection speed to that). It is fast enough if you need the Internet access, however, it’s slow enough if you have a quick urge to check Facebook or something.

It would be a nice app for dsektop and even more, mobile devices, which are especially distracting.


Agreed on creating better tech to out compete the current unhealthy options. Personally, I am very interested in working on design based solutions. @loundy intrigued by Readup and would love to get involved in some degree. I’ll email you at the readup email

I love this idea! It gives a moment of diplomatic pause. You should check out the Siempo app if you have an Android. It does that in a different way.

Is there a place where designers and developers can discuss ethical design issues with people outside software development?

Funding products and campaigns is something we’ve been talking about for months.

@aschrijver proposed we look into as a means of raising funds.

i am planning to develop a game that makes players to increase rate of calculation.
if it can be made attractive to users, specially students would be very beneficial with the game for their real life application.

Sounds like a good idea to be applied in teaching and education! Could you elaborate more on the game?
I am not an expert in games, but one thing I find tricky about game design is the balance between superficial fun and meaningful gain. Good games are not addictive and yet they can be beneficial, so if designed properly, they can have huge potential.

I agree with this notion of better apps with better benefits. I think the most challenging aspect will be acquiring and retaining users, as we are unwilling to use all the manipulative methods that drive app use now. If anyone has ideas about that, I’m all ears.

yes @Saiyu i agree that any technology can be non addictive and beneficial. so if you have any examples of such games please mention those. i am planning to develop and design the game i have one idea to work on.