Ideas On How to Move Forward?

Hello All!
I’ve read through the website and watched all the videos. This is an extremely important issue which I think needs a lot more attention. My worry is that smartphones and their dopamine-inducing design have reached a point of no return. The only way I see solving this is to raise public awareness about the negative health effects of smartphone addiction to a point where tech companies, like Facebook, Google, Apple, are prompted to re-design their products to be less addicting. This seems immensely difficult as more screen time equals more money for them. How do you foresee the fight moving forward? What’s the best strategy on successfully raising awareness? How do we go against a billion dollar industry? Can we equate this fight to the fight against cigarettes?

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Hello there!!
Yes, I feel the same way too… We, as individuals are increasingly powerless against the onslaught of the tech-monsters. Our only hope is that people enter a self-reflective zone where they become mindful about the way tech is harnessing human power of thinking. It is ultimately self-destructive so the more pervasive tech becomes, the more destructive the outcomes. We need to grow our community!