Need for a step-by-step guide to 'going humane in tech'

Hi everyone,
I am new to this awesome site, and trying to work my way around all the great info and resources, so apologies if this has been suggested or is a topic available already…

I’m seeing a common response to what seems overwhelming to most people on how to begin the deactivation of addiction!

I was thinking it would be great to have a resource available in the form of a simple step by step checklist of how to safeguard yourself.

There seems to be a trail of realisation occurring once you decide to #deletefacebook
WhatsApp… Google…Googlemaps…Instagram…Browsers… etc.
And everyone is asking how and who to use. What safe alternates are there.
Where can they find a safe site to source media and journalism articles or share photos.
How do they clean up their devices .

Any thoughts on this? Has it already been written? Is there a manual somewhere haha?

Hi Nadine,

Check out this GitHub repo for some resources curated by us.

The awesome list on Github is mostly for humane tech related open-source projects, but CHT also has a wiki (dating back from when it was still named the Time Well Spent movement, and needs some updating):

The community founders are investigating additional tooling to follow-up on ideas and initiatives that arise in this forum :slight_smile:

Can the founders approach a screen addiction provider on standardized ways of when to get help and signs etc…

Not sure what you mean @healthyswimmer. Could you elaborate?

The step-by-step guide is right here on Humane Tech:

Humane Tech: Take control of your phone

Also here:

Humane Tech: App Ratings

I would like to see a future where all approved open source projects are united by Humane Tech. Right now apps are united by Google, crApple or other big firms. What if Humane Tech maintained a network of approved open source apps like Firefox and uBlock plus highly-rated proprietary apps like Headspace and Calm? Humane Tech could actually eventually have an ecosystem more popular than the big monopolies, if it could unite all the biggest open source players.

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Thanks for asking. Provider meaning a health professional- specialists in their field (ie addiction doctors) have researched ways on treating conditions and know the best way to treat and screen disease- in this case screen addiction. A psychiatrist who has treated screen addiction knows warning signs of addiction and could give recommendations on when to get help.

Hope this makes sense.

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