Anyone want to build something with a great team?


We are a small team in London, currently consisting of:

Tom - Product Manager - lover of all things wellness & Alan Watts
John - Android developer - tech wizzkid and deep philosophiser

Our first product - Friction - was designed to help people use their smartphones more consciously, you can check it out here:

We are now looking to work on our second side project, but before we do I thought I’d reach out on here to see if anyone wants to join us. We don’t know what we want to build yet (if interested you can help inform this decision) but have a few ideas.

  • Some tool to make Slack less distracting
  • Friction app for the web / ios (may not be possible)
  • Something around magic mushrooms / psychedelic trips
  • Audio only tool for focus for alexa, google assistant etc.

If you are interested in getting involved, get in touch, we will probably kick off with a design sprint over a couple of weekends! P.S we will split any profits equally





I’m a PM based out of India. I’d be happy to connect & jam on ideas. Email - :slight_smile:

Hi, Tom and John! I own Calm Tech, a company of one dedicated to helping people struggling with tech. Maybe I can help. Feel free to send me a message:

Hey Tom and John,

I’m currently a PM based out of NY, ex-neuroscience researcher at Princeton studying cognitive control (related to attention, focus, etc).

Recently, I have been exploring different areas including (a) building tech that measures novel forms of data and (b) creating focus-oriented technology that teaches people about their focus habits in the short term and builds long-term habits through incremental adjustments.

If any of this is of interest to you, I would love to talk. You can reach me at

Would you be interested in joining Nudge?

Check it out and let me know if you’d like to have a chat.


I have one its not made yet but you can do trip reports and it stays encrypted on the phone with pw biometric that the phone uses or additional one that comes on or is set after the user locks the phone screen (possible police encounter idk).

in my mind it would have a big space to touchpad draw in and a regular keypad words section, and can save, but no cloud can get it and no one bad can read it.

Hi, are you still looking for support? I’m a programmer with a gamut of experience. I’m interested in your potential ideas, let me know if anything is still active!

Hi there! Still looking for team mates? I am interested in contributing thoughts and ideas.

Hi there! Previous cofounder of a now defunct start-up where I focused on presentations and market research. Current law student who writes, and past tech consultant. I’m interested in helping out, including content creation on a sporadic basis.

I would be interested. I am a writer, story-teller former high-tech marketing director and customer service pro. I owned a marketing communications firm for many years where I helped companies generate ideas, tell their stories, and serve customers. Your project sounds very compelling in our current world.

Hi, I am eager to learn more. I have worked in finance and investing in big companies before. I am currently exploring starting a business idea that encourages people to be more engaged in offline social settings.陈扬洋-a125503a/

I’m interested.

I’m a behavior designer and have designed and created 100’s of websites and web apps. I’m currently focusing more on work for good. I’ve created an evidence based framework that allows teams to consistently leverage social neuroscience and applied anthropology to create more human-centric experiences and increase thriving indexes.