Create your own bespoke anti-distraction environment

Hey everyone!

I’ve revamped my Chrome extension Nudge so that when you install, you’re taken through an onboarding process that lets you customise a set of anti-internet addiction interventions that work for you.

That means all of Nudge’s interventions (which you can read about here) are 100% opt in, putting you back in the driver’s seat.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this set up process. You can install here:


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YES! Very cool @louisbarclay. I love the focus on positivity. “Nudge” is great branding all around.

I cracked up at “First 7 billion subscribers get Nudge for free” :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious: What is your business plan? Or is this not a business? Either way: Keep it up! :slight_smile: :evergreen_tree: :dove: :peace_symbol:

Thank you so much @loundy!

Business plan-wise, the short answer is freemium. As of today, there are some ‘Please support Nudge’ banners that appear in Nudge that you can hide if you share Nudge or pay.

The long answer is, I’m at a crunch point with Nudge: nothing much has worked so far in terms of monetization or growth, from trying donation stunts like offering the role of Co-CEO to anyone who pays to sending Mark Zuckerberg a $20 note, to other more conventional routes like trying to ramp up word of mouth and paying for Facebook ads (nicely ironic).

Right now I’m in the middle of a 50 day challenge to try and make Nudge work, which means aiming to generate $300 MRR and triple the active user base. If that doesn’t work, sadly I’m going to call time on developing Nudge. I’ve been working on it for nearly 4 years now and it’s been an absolute pleasure but I really want to make something that’s incredibly valuable to people so that they’d want to share it or pay for it, and so far I am not sure I have evidence that that’s the case.

If you have any ideas on how I can succeed in my challenge - or any other thoughts on how I can make Nudge work - I’m all ears!


This is so great, @louisbarclay. Thank you for sharing, I downloaded it right away! I can imagine the love, sweat, and tears you’ve put in to developing Nudge. I hope your 50 day challenge is fruitful!

Hey @louisbarclay!

First of all, I 110% love what you are doing with Nudge. The only reason I’m not using it regularly is missing Firefox support, which I know you’re aware of already.

I generally really like it. The examples on each step are great especially. It’s good because Nudge has many features, and this allows me to configure them one-by-one. That said, there are some small issues.

A quick UX analysis


  • There is no previous button, though the browser previous button worked this is not intuitive on a 1-page site. People might be afraid to lose their progress. (UX principle: allow undo & escape routes)
  • There is visible completion status / progress bar. People like to know how long this will take.
  • I would have liked to see a simple list of features on the very first slide, to know what I’m about to configure (“OK, I installed this without reading the description fully. What’s in it for me? Why should I go ahead and click next?”).
  • There is no proper closure to the flow. I didn’t know what to do or feel at the end. Add in a confirmation of the end a “reward” for completion. You could have on the last slide: “Congrats! You now successfully configured your Nudge environment. You can now close this tab. Here are your settings if you want to change something, you can also always find them in blabla… ]


  • The toggle for each feature is quite non-standard: long and rectangular. I wasn’t sure if it was a toggle button at all. It’s also weird that the big Enable action button on the bottom switches the toggle on the top, especially if there is text between it. Maybe
    1. Make the toggle look more standard (rounded)
    2. Put it right above the action button & below the description texts, so they are more cohesive.
    3. Include a small help-text “[feature] enabled” to reflect the button state.
  • For the Hider: clicking “Show the section that Nudge hides” shows checkboxes, but most of them were disabled & I couldn’t control them.
    Maybe “choose” is a better verb if you can control them: “Choose the sections that Nudge hides”.

On your challenge

I really appreciate your openness here on your monetization efforts. I think the many features (which I personally love) are also a curse: it’s hard to grasp immediately, so it’s a hard sell to a general public. A “set of anti-internet addiction tools” is unfortunately quite vague.

This flow helps with onboarding & retention after install, but I guess you could try focusing & simplifying your marketing before install to 1 or 2 tools that provide the most unique value to people? Where the need is the largest and no other tools exist yet? Maybe try selling the idea to friends-of-friends in different ways, and see what works best.

It’s something @loundy has been struggling with and hammering on with his start-up too I think.

All the best!


It is great to see you provide such extensive feedback. This is what ‘Judge My App’ is for, and I’d encourage everyone to contribute as well. Thank you very much, Thor!

@thorgalle this feedback is really, really cool and thoughtful. Thanks so much. I’m going to be working on implementing it in the next week or so, and I think I’m going to start by simplifying the marketing, i.e. creating a new, simpler landing page with Webflow that’s similar to Motion’s ( which did very well in its Product Hunt launch. I’m also going to start taking more active steps towards porting Nudge for Firefox.


Stoked on Nudge, and this entire thread. I just got Nudge up and running for Twitter. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

I love Nudge! There need to be more products that focus on adding friction to slow down interaction instead of just blocking sites. My problem is that I flip back and forth from addicting site to addicting site, and the colorful circles go away when you switch tabs. I’d love if you incorporated some features that make the person aware how much time they’re spending when they’re tab switching to multiple mindless sites.

This is an awesome product @louisbarclay. I haven’t done a deep dive into these forums before today and this was one of the first things I ran across. I am stoked about it! What awesome and simple principles to help in unobtrusive ways. Do you have a Patreon set up or any way to support the efforts? This is something worth supporting!