New Nudge feature: get nudged when you're infinitely scrolling

Hi everyone!

I’ve previously posted on the forum about my Chrome extension Nudge.

Nudge has a new feature, called the Scroll Nudger, which tells you when you have been scrolling a long way down a site. You get a subtle transparent notification every 10 screens’ worth of scrolling.

This is what it looks like:

You can download Nudge from the Chrome Web Store here. Hope you find it helpful. Any feedback on the Scroll Nudger or Nudge in general is welcome. I am starting to actively develop again after a hiatus.

P.S. I’ve also launched a new website for Nudge (off the back of a suggestion by @aschrijver quite a while ago), which is here:


This is great! Beautiful stopping cue creator. I am going to share this out!

For the record I just tested this out, it is an awesome tool. Really fantastic in a lot of ways. Love the deep thought that went into it and easy user experience.

FOLKS you need to check this out!

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Thanks so much @noahomrilevin - both for the initial comment, and then actually testing Nudge out! Appreciate it a ton. I hope you find Nudge helpful.

This looks great, going to try it out and share my feedback!