Unweb - adblock for distractions

Hi everyone!

I just launched a new Chrome extension, Unweb.

Unweb hides never-ending feeds, related articles, and suggested videos on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can always opt back into distractions using the ‘Show’ button. You lose the initial temptation, not the functionality.

I’d love to hear your feedback below. You can try it out here:

And I’d hugely appreciate a lift on Product Hunt, where I’m trying to get this out to as many people as possible:

Thanks a lot!


P.S. For eagle-eyed followers of my other extension, Nudge, Unweb is a split out of the Hider feature, which I’ve massively improved in the last few months. And the split out was based on the article I wrote about bad blocking that I shared on HTC a few months ago: https://hackernoon.com/bad-blocking-will-be-the-new-ad-blocking-ex1932pt


I’m an eagle-eyed follower! Looks good, Louis. Keep it up!

Should I switch from nudge to Unweb? I like the slider too though.

Ah man, thank you so much Bill! Re: switching, no need. You can leave Nudge working. The only thing you should do is turn off the Hider in Nudge, which means that Unweb will take over with hiding stuff. (Really sorry that this instruction is not included anywhere.)