Presenting the Digital Wellness Warriors initiative

Hello! We are working to create a resource center like the ones you’re discussing in Creating a common, public library for HumaneTech. Please check out

We’re still determining the best tool to organize everything.


Great initiative @NourishingHabits! I am curious to hear more about your initiative and how you are positioning yourselves (e.g. commercial / non-profit).

Thanks for the suggestion.

That said, I tend to believe that pluralistic causes only create market confusion that dilute the focus and weaken the positions of everyone involved. So IMO it’s essential that you define what it is you’re doing and your objectives and why you believe another organization entirely is needed to address some of the same problems discussed here. Not that the CHT is any better or worse, but scattershot efforts are a general form of waste that I too often witness working against real progress.

For example, I lost count how many non-profit foundations there are in the name of so many missing children of the past and how so very few of them pool ideology, policy work, or resources. Sadly it ends up helping fewer children and instead serves more a measure of how grieving communities build virtual temples to their lost loved ones. Which is fine if that’s what a community desires, but their overall impact gets sacrificed for minimalist impact spread insanely thin among a Babel of pocket mini-groups.