Are People With Dumbphones Missing Out?

Hey everyone,

Are people with dumbphones missing out on all that life and technology has to offer? I recently wrote about this on The Low Tech Trek and would love to hear everyone’s thoughts in this community, given the wide range of backgrounds.

As with anything, I’m led to believe it’s a matter of perspective. While those with dumbphones have limitations when it comes to the consistent access to technology, part of me thinks they are also at an advantage because they have the opportunity to be more present.

What do you guys think?


As someone who switched to a dumb phone 7 months ago I must say it has been incredibly liberating. Taking the leap and finally getting rid of my iPhone has allowed me to explore the world beyond distraction and reawaken to my life and my work. I feel like like my dumb phone created oxygen for some fire that I had been trying to build for many years.

I still use my computer during scheduled hours of the week to do my work. I am writing a book about what lies beyond our digital addiction and have found that my dumb phone has given me clarity and focus on writing this book the way I think it needs to be written.

That said, as an artist and social educator this is the system that works for me. For some people that may not work, they may be missing out on what smartphones can do for them. Either way it needs to be a conscious effort to use the technology instead of being used by it. The companies that feed you digital content are not putting your wellbeing first. Understanding that truth and striking a healthy balance is our liberating journey towards what we want.

As we slowly reimagine our relationship with technology we each have to think about what we want, what we need and how we are getting there. It is up to the individual to find out what will give their fire more oxygen.


Thanks for your response. It is true; it is definitely up to the specific needs of the individual person. But I agree. Not having a smartphone, I feel, is very freeing and allows you to experience life in a more appreciated form. I love how you mention a dumb phone creating oxygen. It’s easy to get stuck in the technological jargon and it’s up to us to pull ourselves out of that.

Dumb phones are the new smart!! You said it, well said!!

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